Mar. 31st, 2007

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so i bought a disposable camera for sean's concert last night.

first off, i was going 40 MPH on 1-35 in dallas because the rain was that heavy lol. there were times i could not see 2 feet in front of me. thank god daniel was with me.

i felt like i was in noah's ark trying to find dry land.

then everything was fine until one of the roads we were supposed to take, was closed. this sent us into an hour and a half of being lost. luckily phone calls to chris helped us out a great deal. we missed the opening acts entirely. but only waited 30min before sean came on.

AMAZING. just wow. the man can rock. and it was just heaven. and afterwards me and daniel waited and out he came.

i got his autograph and after trying to fight my way through the small yet pushy crowd, and from some prodding by random strangers, i got a picture with him! yay!! hes so cute and funny in person.

my love of libra men continues:-)
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so i have school for scoundrels from netflix that i will watch tomorrow.

and today im seeing blades of glory. ive been dying to see this movie.

next sat. im going to my parents. my mom has set up some sort of free makeover with her mary kay lady. Im hoping she can suggest some wedding makeup for me. Im not going to be a total hippie and not wear any makeup on my wedding day lol. This is a big day and i want to look my best. but i am clueless about makeup.

then the sat. after that, Me and daniel are going to meet with our future photographer and minister for our wedding. the only reason i agreed to get married by a member of the christian faith is two fold. One, because hes an old family friend who knew me even before i was born. two, because hes doing it for free.

then after that, we're going to have to meet with my uncle who is going to be our DJ. then after that, daniel and his guys are going to need to go tux shopping.

then after that, we're going to have to decide on a caterer and invites.

then after that we're going to have to start really setting up our gift registeries.

then after that we have to do apartment hunting and decide on a place.

then after that settle on a videographer.

then after that decide on if we want wedding sponsers, and if so, who will pay for what? and who?

then after that my head will explode.


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