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wow. i cant believe i still have friends on this thing.

well. in less than 2 months im going to be a married woman.


Sep. 6th, 2007 04:30 am
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wot a fucking awful night.

i felt like i was getting sick. but it took having to work from 3pm-11:50pm in order to bring it full force.

I tried going to bed at 1am. i gave up trying to sleep at 4am. I just want to cut off my fucking head! My nose is runny, my head hurts, my throat feels like its on fire, and i cough and it makes me gag. and i have no health insurance so I dunno if im going to go to the doctor. and slight body aches.

I just really want to sleep.
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want to explode from too much christian bale?

mmmm. I could stare at him for hours. guh.

I never get tired of this:

mmm fatality

yeah. they are restarting the mortal kombat franchise. oh yes, I will watch it. Heck, I own both movies..

and because this is awesome..MORTAL KOMBAT.
me and lindsey have actually said, MORTAL KOMBAT to each other.


and this is great:

uh wow

Aug. 27th, 2007 11:57 pm
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sept. 13th is so far away...

click me )

I love this show so damn much
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wow what a weekend.

im exhausted.


Aug. 18th, 2007 08:48 am
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i have watched the first one so much I now watch it with dvd commentary.

teaser trailer for Harold and kumar 2!!

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theres a british show called star stories. its a funny version of e! true hollywood stories.

this is about tom cruise

part 1

part 2

part 3

ya thanx kristy for survey!! )
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man if i had my ipod, id rip the song onto it! that is awesome.

oh who is the gay pimp?

other videos )

my fav is still the song electroboi.
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the single cutest puppy ever.,23599,22050638-2,00.html

and because meryl is awesome for posting this

me and daniel couldnt figure out who the person in the other bed is.
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the single best potter sketch ive ever seen. my god i cant believe im not seeing it til saturday. damn work!!

part 1

part 2
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man i love listening to him talk in his british accent. check it out
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my god..I HATE SPARROW TATTOOS. they are everywhere. sheesh.


Jun. 11th, 2007 09:57 pm
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you know you have a problem when you get the joke on a korean tv show.

"he hate sun" comment is talking about his song "escaping the sun." i laughed myself silly when he said that.

ill do a real update tomorrow. bedtime!
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I watch way too much korean TV lately. and rain is all to blame. these are outakes from the KTV he was on. im d/ling it now. my god hes adorable.

i bet if you touched something..he'd blush hahahaha.

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some sweet videos.

GET OUT YOUR FUCKING CHECKBOOK. lol. im unsure about this video..

remember these guys?

well this is even funnier!

oh, and i got a new job hehe. my last day at marshalls is tomorrow!
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and harry potter- PUBERTIS! hahaha

time for POTC 3 AGAIN!


May. 26th, 2007 02:38 pm
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so there was something AFTER the credits for POTC 3: AT WORLD'S END. well the extra footage is already on youtube. and i found some info that explains it.

Spoiler stuff under the cut!!!!

they cut some VERY important dialogue to save time.. )

I thought that was weird.

i saw it at 8pm on thursday haha.
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today ive been nothing but bored.

i have too much to look forward to this week. this day has just draaaaaaged on.

im almost glad to go to work tomorrow
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man. im a sucker for color me badd lmao. when i was in middle school, i had this huuuge poster of them in my room. i felt sad when i took it down.

then my freshman year i found a tape of their album somewhere and fell in love again. i actually wore the tape out. then some months later i fell in love with the beatles and soon forgot about them.

but im in a downloading im indulging haha.
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